2013 Membership Renewal - Frequently asked questions

Can new members apply online?

This form is for any existing members to renew their membership for 2013. If you wish to add any new members to a Joint or Family membership, please enter “0000” for the BFA number for the new members.

New members joining in their own right for the first time will need to complete the application for on paper and remit a cheque.

What do I do if I don't want to renew a member who was previously part of my joint membership?

Only list members on your renewal form that you are renewing as part of your joint or family membership.

I have got married/changed my name, what should I do?

Complete the renewal form using your new name so the membership secretary can update their records

We have swapped or changed handlers/ownership of a dog. How should I complete my renewal?

For change of ownership or handler of a dog please notify the membership secretary by email.

My dog’s breed isn't listed.

Please complete your online renewal as normal and then email the membership secretary to register your dog. If your dog is a first cross of two breeds this will need to be registered as a crossbreed. If your dog belongs to a recognised breed that is new to the BFA, please contact the Membership Secretary.

I have moved or formed a new team that isn't listed what should I do?

Please contact the membership secretary

One of my dogs competes for another primary team within the BFA, how do I record this?

If this is already showing on the BFA website, then you don't need to do anything. If this is a new change then please email the Membership Secretary

I have completed my renewal as a Single membership instead of Joint/Family by mistake. How can I change this membership and pay the difference?

Please complete a paper renewal and return by post. Include a covering note to highlight the mistake and include a cheque for the difference in cost.

I have completed our Joint membership online but have missed someone off the form.

As long as they were a BFA member in 2012 you can email the membership secretary to add them to your renewal. If they are a new member then you will need to complete a paper application form and return it by post enclosing the new members joining fee.

I have completed our renewal online but have forgotten to register our new dog(s)

Email the membership secretary with the following details to register your dog; Your Name, Your BFA Number, Current Team, Dogs Name, Dogs Breed, Dogs Date of Birth, Sex of dog,

I have let my membership lapse, can I renew online?

If your membership was current on 31 December 2012, you may renew online. If you renew later than 31 January 2013, then you will be charged the £2.50 re-joining fee. If you were not a current member during 2012, then you will need to complete the paper renewal form – and pay the £2.50 re-joining fee – but please include your BFA number.

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions about your membership renewal, please contact the Membership Secretary. If you have problem using the On-line Renewal, please contact the Webmaster.