Membership Renewal Application 2017 ONLY

Please Note: All information supplied will be entered into and held on the BFA database. Please complete all sections to enable your existing records to be cross-checked.

Voting Rights

Single Membership – Adult member will receive Full Voting rights.

Joint Membership – Both Adult members of Joint membership will receive Full Voting rights.

Family Membership – Only 2 Adult members of Family membership will receive Full Voting rights.

N.B Any membership renewal that is not received on or before the 31st January 2017 will be considered lapsed, thereafter a late fee will apply in addition to the FULL membership fee.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you enter the correct BFA number for each member. For Joint and Family memberships which include new members, please enter ‘0000’ for the membership number. Please note that a £3.00 (inc VAT) joining fee is applied per renewal to include all new members. (Eg. £32.50 + £3.00 = £35.50 total payable)

Members details

Type of Renewal Membership Single + late fee Joint + late fee* Family + late fee**  
£28.00 (inc VAT) £35.25 (inc VAT)
*2 members in one household
£42.50 (inc VAT)
**2 adults and all under 18's in one household

BFA Number First name & Surname   Address
Telephone No.   Postcode
  (Adult member)
  (Under 18)
  (Under 18)

New Dog Details

If you wish to add a new dog onto your membership please add the dog's details to the form below. Current registered dogs do not need to be listed - and any other changes to dogs are dealt with separately via email.

Dog's Pet Name Breed Date of Birth
(Day month and year)
Dog /
BFA Handler (Name to appear on Certificates. One only)
Team with which you complete -   Name:     Team No  

All applicants must agree to abide by the Association's Terms and Conditions and Current Rules & Policies and follow its Code of Ethics.

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