British Flyball Association - Online Payment Terms & Conditions




“Rules” refers to the current edition of the Rules and Policies of the British Flyball association, as published by the British Flyball Association Committee


“The BFA” refers to the British Flyball Association, as defined in the Rules


“Member” or BFA “member” refers to members of the BFA, as referred to in the Rules (should be refers)


“Current Member” means an existing BFA member who is eligible to renew his/her membership


“Membership fee” is the fee payable for membership, as determined by the BFA committee from time to time


“Joining fee” is the one-off fee payable by members joining the BFA for the first time.


“Re-joining fee” is a one-off payment payable by former members who are re-joining the BFA after their membership has lapsed.


Who may use online payments?

Only current BFA members may use the on-line payment system. (Prospective members who wish to join the BFA for the first time must print out the form available on the BFA web site, complete it, sign it and submit it with a cheque in the post).


What may be paid for online?

At present the following only is available for online payment:

1.     Individual Membership renewal fees;

2.     Joint Membership renewal fees;

3.     Family Membership renewal fees;

4.     Joining fees – for members joining the BFA for the first time – but only when this is part of a Joint or Family membership of a Current Member.

5.     The re-joining fee for late renewals


Membership year

The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. Members must renew their membership before 1 January to avoid being charged the re-joining fee.  If a member allows his/her membership to lapse, and then chooses to re-join later in the year, the full year’s membership fee is payable, in addition to the re-joining fee.


On-line payment of membership renewal fees

Payment is taken immediately that the renewal request is confirmed by the member and the payment is authorised. At this point the membership is deemed to have been renewed, and confirmation will be emailed to the member.


Agreement to the Rules

By using the online payment facility to renew membership the member(s) are also renewing their agreement to abide by the Rules & Policies of the British Flyball Association.


Refunds & Cancellation

Membership fees are non-refundable.



All queries about renewals must be directed to the BFA Membership Secretary. All queries about on-line payments must be directed to the BFA Webmaster. Contact details are on the web site.


Payment cards accepted

Only the following card types are accepted: Visa Credit, Visa Debit; MasterCard; Maestro.


Processing fees

The fees shown include any processing fee that the BFA is obliged to pay.


Data Storage

Card details are not stored by the BFA.


Amendments to the BFA Online Payments Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions may be amended by the BFA Committee at any given point of time
in the future. If this were to occur, changes will be highlighted on the BFA website.


Terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.


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